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Found 5 results

  1. will using DNScrypt limit what information my ISP sees about what i do online? will it stop my ISP from being able to see what websites i connect to? is there a reason to use airVPNs DNS? will using DNScrypt with airVPN compromise my connection in any way? will airVPN ever offer an encrypted DNS, is that something you guys are thinking about and how hard would it be for you to implement? sorry if these questions are dumb, i'm pretty new to this stuff ^-^'! i love airVPN by the way, and i really love your eddie client on linux!
  2. I've been using Eddie 2.13.16 beta for several months now on Mac OS 10.12.5. When I launch Eddie 2.13.6, it seems to launch noticeably faster than Eddie 2.13.3, and also does not seem to get stuck on "checking route" as Eddie 2.13.3 often did on launch. Also, when I disconnect from a server and then switch to another server, Eddie 2.13.6 switches with no problems whereas Eddie 2.13.3 would often get stuck on "checking route" and I'd have to quit Eddie 2.13.3 and relaunch it. Also, Eddie 2.13.6 has been rock solid when it connects and I don't think it has dropped a connection since I've been using it. It will stay connected until I disconnect from a server. My question has to do with using Eddie (both 2.13.3 and 2.13.6) and DNSCrypt. When I boot up my MacBook, DNSCrypt will automatically launch and the regular DNSCrypt icon will show up on my menubar. On the DNS tab in the Eddie preferences, I have checked the "Check AirVPN DNS" box and the DNS server IP shows as in the DNS Servers field. However, after I launch Eddie, the DNSCrypt icon turns into a square with an exclamation point inside the square. Does this mean that DNSCrypt is no longer encrypting my DNS requests? If yes, is there a solution to this?
  3. I used DNSCrypt (dnscrypt.org) several weeks ago together with AirVPN, and found the performance was satisfactory. I knew it would be duplicated to use DNSCrypt instead of AirVPN's DNS, but I had reasons to replace Eddie's default DNS setting, mentioned in another thread: https://airvpn.org/topic/21590-dns-upload-traffic-via-eddie/ Anyone have tried DNSCrypt? What do you think its pros and cons?
  4. There is a lot in the news these days in the US about ISPs snooping and selling user data. Where it applies to us AirVPN users is that it is apparent to our ISPs that we are directing all of our traffic through a particular set of AirVPN servers. Some users on Twitter have suggested using DNSCrypt, a project which does who knows what. There was chatter on the forums last year, but no consensus on whether it is a good idea to use DNScrypt in conjunction with AirVPN's connection. What is the utility / best use to use DNScrypt in conjunction with AirVPN? I am thinking 1) run DNScrypt as a service at boot time, and once DNScrypt is running, 2) run the AirVPN GUI using standard settings. Will this create an additional layer of protection (e.g., connecting to AirVPN ***THROUGH*** DNSCrypt's server)? Or does DNScrypt use one set of DNS, and when I connect to AirVPN, it just changes it over to AirVPN servers (nullifying the DNScrypt in its entirety)?
  5. Hello, For me Tunnelblick (MacOS) will not connect to AirVPN servers when I have DNSCrypted enabled - and works like a charm when i disable it. Is it possible to use DNSCrypt and be connected to AirVPN servers via Tunnelblick at the sametime and if so, how ? Thank you
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