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Found 6 results

  1. I know there is an answer for this somewhere but for the life of me I cannot find it. Can someone explain the options for "Choose your device/connection" section in the config generator?
  2. Hey there! I have a question regarding the creation of an openvpn config through this site's config generator in the client area. I can create one but what I want is a way to have the same or similar settings as my Eddie AirVPN application on windows PCs. Specifically the section in preferences (inside Eddie) Tor/Proxy. Mine is set to default Tor settings with 9150 as port, empty login info and when tested it's successful. Now why I need this openvpn config is for use on a tablet/phone. Can anyone provide information to help me create a new ovpn file with the same Tor safeguards as are available in the Eddie GUI on PC. Thank you for any help you can provide me. -T
  3. Hi, I have a question about Config Generator. It works very nice and is very convenient. However, when I generate a config, the config file includes fields for <ca>..</ca>, <cert>..</cert>, <key>..</key>. How does the config generator know the client cert and key values? Where is it taking those values from, are those values being saved somewhere? Isn't that a potential security vulnerability? Thanks for the support.
  4. Hello, I noticed a small problem using the config generator in Tor Browser with the "medium-high" setting on the security slider. When this setting is used certain javascript links don't work, even though JS is enabled automatically because AirVPN is using HTTPS. For example, when selecting which servers to create config files for, the "invert selection" button doesn't work. After this is finished, the download links don't work. This is not a massive issue, as I can simply lower the security setting only while create configs and put it back afterwards. The generator works on both the "low" and "medium-low" settings.
  5. I have been up and down old guides to set up my pi to run a seed box, but each source is a little confusing and has a few steps missing/different/outdated. Can anyone please link or type up a proper set up guide to get the Pi on Rasbian set up quickly and painlessly, along with how to auto boot the config with no leaks in plain English? A Linux built client for ARM processors could do wonders in this department. Thank you!
  6. I use OpenVPN GUI instead of AirVPN software because I use OpenVPN in other ways, so I use the AirVPN Config Generator. The generated configuration files work well except for the lack of DNS configuration. As a result, to use AirVPN DNS I have to add the following line to each generated configuration: dhcp-option DNS Please enhance the Config Generator to do this automatically. Ideally this would be a DNS choice of: AirVPN DNS (default)User specified DNS (2)No DNS settingThanks for listening.
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