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Found 4 results

  1. I am trying to setup this router but it only allows 3 files and when generated I have 4, have tried a combination and can't get a connection. Thanks Paul
  2. LZ1 (and anyone else), I had an hour or two so I figured I'd start my three day trial this afternoon and see what happened. The Eddie client installed easily, painlessly, and goofproof on my Win7 machine, and ipleak.net shows that it's functioning famously, with minimal reductions in speed from my regular service. Bravo! Now... as you had warned.. the router installation is a WHOLE 'nuther ball-o-ticked-off-cats. I followed the guide here.. https://airvpn.org/asuswrt/ No problem creating and downloading the config file from the config generator. Installed it per step 2 in that aforementioned guide, smooth as silk. Then... my internet was broke. I couldn't even reach my router. I did this via wifi (which may have been a bad idea). I solved it by disabling my wireless adapter, connecting to the router via a lan cable. Even then, I couldn't reach the internet at all, and even accessing the router's pages was painfully (I mean, like minutes between page loads) slow, and sometimes not possible. Pings around my network to various devices were still good, though. I was eventually able to restore a backup config file I had saved for my router settings two days ago (Smart eh? DO NOT FORGET BACKUPS, friends), and all is well again. I ran the win7 "network troubleshooter" prior to restoring my previous good router settings and it returned a DNS error of some kind. Should I have performed step three in the above guide, setting the DNS servers to the AirVPN and OpenNIC servers FIRST, and then doing step 2? I'm a little afraid of messing with the router now. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong? I'd love to have the KodiPi's behind a VPN if at all possible, via the router, but I sure don't want to mess things up irrevocably; getting all 13 devices in my house linked securely was a bit of a feat for me when I updated the router a few months ago. It's all working great now, and AirVPN works great on my laptop via Eddie. Sooo... CAN I get it working just as well on the router? Thanks in advance for any "Hey, stupid, you need to do this and this, first... !!!!" comments! Best..
  3. On my Linux desktops and Windows laptop I am able to select a NL server and view the geo-locked service BBC iPLayer in the UK using Eddie. I understand I am using the double-hop technique... I like to use this method as I have good speeds with NL servers. I have installed the AIrVPN NL config for my 'dedicated VPN' Asus router to view BBC iPlayer on my Apple TV but this procedure does not work via the Asus router. I have to select an AirVPN UK config to view BBC iPlayer. Is this correct?
  4. I've been successfully using my Asus N66U router with Asuswrt-Merlin firmware 374.40 to connect to AirVPN for quite some time. Unfortunately the router doesn't want to connect since updating to the new Certificates and Keys. I downloaded them and pasted them just like I have done many previous times, but sadly I'm not able to connect to Air with the new Certs and Keys. Actually, the router indicates that I am connected to the VPN, but when I check the Air website it indicates that I'm not connected at all. Other than pasting the new Certs and Keys into their appropriate boxes, are there any other changes to the router settings that are necessary for the latest Air update? Thanks in advance and thank you for your wonderful service, Laurelli
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