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Found 1 result

  1. I have the files <AirVPN.exe> and a file <AirVPN.xml> sitting on my desktop. When I joined AirVPN, I went through the steps described and downloaded the files to get me started. I had no idea what to do to start VPN. I sort of worked out what to do. The instructions given in a post by staff, are confusing. Download or extract files into OpenVPN configuration directory. Launch OpenVPN GUI with administrator privileges, right-click on its tray icon and select "Air" --> "Connect". OpenVPN, on installing, creates a subdirectory of OpenVPN/bin. I take it that this is the “configuration” directory mentioned. Why not give the full path instead of configuration directory. Launching OpenVPN will bring up a tray icon, but on right-click it brings up “Setting ...” and “Exit”. Where is “Air” → Connect? So that didn't work. I went back to the OpenVPN/bin directory and double clicked on AirVPN***************.ovpn, brings up my Notepad app and in it are all the configurations OpenVPN needs. I right-click on it and it gives me a choice of “Start OpenVPN on this config file. So I click on that and up comes the console I see OpenVPN verbosely doing its thing and then the console does not respond any more. I shut the console down. There is no icon in the tray. I open up the console again and check if it is working and it is. I go to my AirVPN member area and it shows me that I am connected. The red box on the bottom, where it also should show me that I am connected, says that I am not. All this has sorted itself out, I have it starting on windows startup. It logs me in and I get a connection. That brings me to the question, what is the AirVPN for, apart from providing a GUI. What is it calling? I have the AirVPN.exe (not a shortcut to /OpenVPN/bin) sitting on my desktop. I must have copied it from /OpenVPN/bin, but where I have the AirVPN.xml from I can't recall. It works just the same from the desktop. The AirVPN.xml has all configuration options in it. Where is it from? All this came about because I wanted an easy way to switch to different servers. Say if I wanted to make out, I am from a different part of the world. I started to download different configurations, but this got me a little muddled. At the end I have a request for a different interface that would enable me to choose what server I wanted, what protocol to use etc, change a server and be accessible from the tray. That way I would not have to choose on signing up. It would be great for people like me, that don't have the knowledge. All the info regarding the servers is still available on AirVPN web site. If someone wanted to download more detailed things. I hope you don't mind this long post.
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