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Found 2 results

  1. heyhey, i'm having trouble setting up a ipv6 vpn connection with the (manjaro/arch) linux "network-manager". when i want to set up a ipv4 connection, i go to the "client area" on airvpn.org, start the "config generator", check "advanced" an then set: OS: LinuxOpenVPN version >= 2.4Need IPv6?: "IPv4 only"Protocol: UDP | Port: 443 | Entry IP: 1In the advanced section i check "Separate keys/certs from .ovpn file" and "Resolved hosts in .ovpn file"Server: xxxi then generate the config and download all the files into a new/empty folder. afterwards i start the network-manager connection editors gui ($ nm-connection-editor), click the "+" button, select "import a saved vpn configuration", click "create", navigate to the folder with the config and key files, select the "xxx.ovpn" file and then just click "save", since the nm-connection-editor automatically sets up the right key files etc. in this case everything works as expected. HOWEVER if i try to do the same with a IPv6 config file ("Need IPv6?" set to "IPv4 & IPv6 (connect with IPv6)" - all other settings the same) i get an error when trying to "import a saved vpn configuration" with the nm-connection-editor. when i open the "xxx.ovpn" file with a text editor and change the line "proto udp6" (this is the line before "tls-auth 'ta.key' 1") to "proto udp", i can import without the error message however the connection is not working afterwards. do you have any ideas what i could do different? should i set up the connection manually? thanks in advance!
  2. Hello - using openvpn by importing vpn config files the normal way (not bundling executables). This works on Ubuntu 16.04 and Manjao 16.06 linux so far: I find it only works if I TICK on use LZO Compression (which by default is unticked). It does not work if unticked 1. May i ask why this is the case ? 2. Will this affect my anonimity or connection in any detrimental way ? 3. Will someone be able to update the guide on the How to for linux to update this ?
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