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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have an openvpn client file (myClient.ovpn). All needed data is inside this file (ca, crt, key, username, password...). When I import the file into openvpn on my Android Smartphone it works perfectly, so my server and the client file are correct configured. Unfortunatly there is no openvpn app in the FireTv appstore. So I want to try it with AirVPN. I have tried it with the Android App on my phone and it works just fine with my .ovpn file. But on the FireTv I have this issue: When I want to import my .ovpn file into the app, there is no way for me to navigate through my filesystem. My steps: 1. start AirVPN 2. Navigate to OPENVPN-Profile 3. Then I see: No elements 4. Klick on the burger menu 5. END At this point it is Impossible to move the selection to ANY direction. Is this a bug? Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. I installed V1 of the Eddie client for Android on my Fire TV. I also activated an ovpn file. I kept the default configuration plus a whitelist of just a couple of apps to test. The client starts normally and connects, I can see in the little stats box that there is some minimum traffic, but after a few seconds, probably 30 or 60 at most it says the VPN tunnel has been locked. When I look in the logs it says there was an error and that it changed state to Lock VPN. I think it says it's event 14. The only way to get out of the lock is to disconnect and reconnect, but a few seconds later the error happens again. For what it's worth I use this other client successfully: http://plai.de/android/ Being a fire tv I'm not even sure how to export full logs. Any ideas?
  3. I've been using android ICS openvpn client on a fire tv for a while now. It initially worked well, but I started getting disconnected frequently in the last couple of months. I have since upgraded to the latest build of openvpn (from http://plai.de/android), but saw no improvement. I have two configurations on the device, one to a specific server where I usually get good performance and one for an entire region. Disconnects only happen with the fire tv, other devices on the same network work fine. Any thoughts? My first guess is client (hence the upgrade ) or the OS. If it’s the OS many others should be having the same issue.
  4. Is there anyway to get AIRVPN to work with FIRE TVs? I found some things in the general search but didn't really help! Thanks.
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