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Found 46 results

  1. Hi I have tried almost 9 US servers till now but when i go on ipleak.net it shows my local DNS as well which lead to ZERO Access to Netflix and ABC shows :-( ..can anybody explain this to me
  2. Am trying to watch some content which I know is available on Netflix UK. Obviously, I am not located in the UK, thus I am using AirVPN to connect to a client in the UK. However, after connecting the VPN, and logging into Netflix, the content is not showing in Netflix list of search. I've tried this with both the AirVPN Client, as the OpenVPN Client with UK config file. Weird enough, when connecting to AirVPN on my Android phone, and opening the Netflix app, the content does show in the list, but still won't play. The other thing I occasionally notice when connecting to AirVPN UK Server, is that Google shows me Google Belgium? Anything I can do to fool Netflix with regards to the country I am in?
  3. Hi, I cannot connect to Netflix US from Sweden through AirVPN server in US. Netflix identifies that "You are using a proxy or an unblocker, turn them of and try again" What to do? BR Tord
  4. Just wanted to inform that netflix is now blocking the Kajam (Netherlands) server as it just comes up that the server isn't responding all the others seem fine though
  5. As of today, Netflix is blocking UK servers. Have had to switch to NL servers to get access. UK servers will need rerouting.
  6. I am trying to connect to a USA based server from within the USA and watch USA Netflix. I have had success connecting from within the USA to Canadian server 'RANA' and was able to watch netflix without error (I think it was Canadian netflix though?) so at least that is working. Please list the US servers where I can connect from within the US to watch US Netflix. Note that I have AirVPN running on my pfSense router and am using Roku to watch netflix. I do not have NAT setup on my WAN, so ALL my traffic flows through the VPN.
  7. Hi, I have been using AirVPN now for about a month almost always when I used Netflix. Yesterday I tried for once again to connect to Netflix without AirVPN, and I got the dreaded 'Proxy detected' message. After some testing (flatmates wifi, different devices, multiple wipes, reboots, different browsers) I concluded, that Netflix has marked my home IP as a proxy or VPN endpoint. So I wanted to ask if anyone has the same problem, and what you did about it? I have to live with a static IPv4 address, so if I ever want to use Netflix directly again, I need to get it unblocked. Also, what a poor design choice? If I were implementing something like this, I would make sure to keep false positives at zero.
  8. Hi guys, i'm totally happy with the service of AirVPN so far. With the new direction of netflox on banning / blocking VPN providers i noticed, that as soon as i try to access netflix through my FireTv and a VPN-Router, netflix will detect me. Using netflix via browser is perfeclty finde with the eddie client. Any ideas how to setup the router or Fire-TV Stick so that it will work with netflix again? Thx in advance.
  9. Hi, Ever since I have been using airvpn, my kids netflix shows automatically switch from Swedish to English when loading another episode in a series. Seems to be changing location. I'm connected to Swedish servers only. I tried setting up the google dns servers as well, didn't work. Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. I'm in Australia trying to use the UK servers to watch Netflix UK. I connect to Carinae with Eddie on Ubuntu 14.04 and can get good speeds to sites in UK such as BBC and speedtests such as ThinkBroadband where I usually get 5-6Mbps. But when watching Netflix UK the speed is much less, only about 200-400kbps, and Netflix only gives videos at its lowest resolution, 320x240... ... very fuzzy ... and often pauses for buffering. How can that be improved? If anyone else is watching Netflix UK from outside UK what resolution do you get on Netflix? And what is your setup to get best resolution?
  11. Hi. I use AirVPN in my macbook to watch netflix in different countries since I only have an American Netflix account. This however doesn't work with Amazon FIreTv Stick's Netflix. How do I use AirVPN to configure my router to connect directly to AirVPN servers so that both the macbook and the firetv stick connect through the VPN? Thanks.
  12. I'm trying to figure out a way to unblock the US content of Netflix on my Samsung smart tv. On PC it's very simple of course, just connect to a US server and you're good to go. But is it possible to somehow share this connection to my tv? I was thinking about bying some sort of wifi device for my PC and somehow sharing the AirVPN connection as a Wifi hotspot and then connecting to it from the tv. Would this work? (How?) Any other ideas? Thanks.
  13. US Netflix works for me abroad over US AirVPN servers on iOS but not on MAC OSX. The MAC has Location Services and WIFI OFF, but somehow Netflix is obtaining geolocation data. Any ideas? Silverlight Plugin maybe? Or a DNS Server issue?
  14. I've been using AirVPN for a while to access different Netflix regions, but it seems to have stopped working. Using both Eddie and Tunnelblick on OSX Yosemite, I can connect to whatever AirVPN server just fine, and my IP shows as being in the corresponding country. But, when I access netflix.com (using an incognito browser window - so no cookies), I always get redirected to https://www.netflix.com/gb/ - i.e. Netflix knows I'm in the UK, even though I'm using AirVPN. Is anyone else experiencing this problem, or has an idea how to fix it?
  15. As seen on reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/31ot3b/netflixs_new_terms_allows_the_termination_of/ Art. 6C "You may view a movie or TV show through the Netflix service primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such movie or TV show. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location. Netflix will use technologies to verify your geographic location." This is not new but Netflix assured that they wouldn't pursue VPN users.
  16. Hello, I am only a couple days into the wonderful world of VPN, so please be patient with my questions and conclusions. One of my first tests to verify if AirVPN was working was to see if I can get access to Hulu videos and US Netflix. I live in Canada where Hulu is blocked and Netflix queries are redirected to a Canadian Netflix site https://www.netflix.com/ca/ (note the "ca" on the end). After trying all the 11 US AirVPN servers to access Hulu, all of them gave me the geolocation error: "Based on your IP address, we noticed you are trying to access Hulu through an anonymous proxy tool....not currently available outside the U.S. If you're in the U.S., you'll need to disable your anonymizer to access videos on Hulu. ..." I tried Hulu using Google Chrome with my Google Account logged in, I tried Hulu with a Google Incognito, and I tried it with MS Internet Explorer. All instances failed. When attempting to access US Netflix from a US AirVPN server, it routed me to the Canadian server when I used Google Chrome with my Google account logged in. When I tried Google Incognito and MS Internet Explorer it routed to the US Netflix site! Interesting test for Netflix... possibly something to do with my Google Account? Obviously better to browse with Google Incognito on... Ok, back to Hulu. I wonder how Hulu determines the connection originates in the US? I am starting to wonder if it is not just IP Address but other determiners as well. When reading this post: https://airvpn.org/topic/13664-please-help-with-my-conundrum/ The poster tested 2 different ISP services from the same place. One was able to access Hulu and the other one was not. The poster then wondered if the failing ISP tagged traffic with some sort of country-of-origin data so that Hulu could verify US location even after the query exited the US VPN. To loosely support this claim, I have a friend who lives in a different Canadian city from me also using AirVPN. He recently subscribed to a different ISP (different from mine). I asked him to test a US Hulu Link and he was successful. He said he was not using any different protocols just the connection GUI "out-of-the-box" on his Mac. I was baffled. Now, Hulu is not really important to me, it was merely a test of the anonymity of the service. What concerned me was the lack of true anonymity. I wondered if there was something I was missing in my setup, or if there was something about my ISP? I am using the latest AirVPN GUI (2.8.8) on my Windows 7 64-bit machine. Any help would to unravel my mystery would be appreciated, Thanks!
  17. For the last four months or so I've been using AirVPN primarily to bypass ISP bandwidth shaping and to access Netflix from various countries (US, Canada, UK). Up until earlier today it had been working fine for me and I was able to access the full content of Netflix. Today, however, no matter what country I am proxied from, when I access the Netflix site it detects the nation of origin as US. I have verified my proxy connectivity via sites like IPChicken.com and disconnected/connected at least a dozen times as well as changing browsers, restarting, clearing Internet caches, even changing computers altogether. I've come to believe that there is some internal routing issue that is preventing me from presenting myself to Netflix as an IP from another country. Is this possible and do you have any type of fix? Thanks, shadow1011.
  18. Hi, I've been having a weird issue latley and I have no clue what it could be. (everything was fine for months before that) I have a router with tomato running and it's connecting to the manassas VPN. whatismyip.com is telling me I'm in Manassas. BUT Netflix is telling me I'm in Argentina. Huh? This is the same on the ROKU and on 2 different laptops. - the router is set up like this forum told me to - the DNS are some US based servers - I did not change anything Any ideas? Thanks !
  19. Good afternoon. Both netflix and 4od have started saying "not available in your country" while connecting to the dutch vpn servers. Is there currently a issue? Thank you
  20. Subscribed today to AirVPN and tried to access Netflix - site opens, but when video starts loading it shows following screen. Tried today other VPN provider - no problems with Netflix.
  21. Hello, I've been using AirVpn for a couple of months, I live in Germany and use it to log in to the UK servers to access BBC iplayer and the UK Netflix. I also log in through the USA servers and use the US Netflix which shows different programmes. This had been working fine. In the last few days when I log in via the UK servers I access the US Netflix and therefore cannot access the UK only programmes, what makes me think this is a VPN problem is that recently I've been able to access BBC iplayer via the USA servers even though BBC iplayer is only available in the UK. Is this a VPN or Netflix issue? Can anybody help with this?
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