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  1. 1. Safe from the FBI or CIA? of course not, if you are a drug dealer or part of the mafia But as an average user just using P2P, yes you are safe! 2. You can connect to any Airvpn server, they all abide by the same laws and regulations that AirVPN follows. Usually choose the server that is closest to your country for speed. Or you can see the ping reply in airvpn status to see which server replies fastest. 3. the VPN connection applies for all the programs you use. So when you run the VPN, your whole computer connection will go through it.
  2. Great review, i agree with you totally.
  3. I use Open Nic, have a look, works well with me. http://www.opennicproject.org/
  4. Netflix officially should NOT work in Germany or using any German IP! Maybe! you have some plugins installed in your browser at work that unblocks Netflix, but originally, Netflix does not support Germany. To my knowledge, US and UK. I use the UK server, works perfect. I too troed Germany for faster speeds, but it blocked my Netflix, so im back on the UK server.
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