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  1. I followed your instructions and I think that 2.4.6 was installed. How do I check, please ? Edit I understand that there should exist a .ovpn file in my home dir. I made a system wide search and I got this: client.ovpn 274 bytes sample.ovpn 3.0 k server.ovpn 328 bytes all in my home dir. I tried this: sudo openvpn ./server.ovpn and I got an "options error". I think I need more help.
  2. Thank you for your reply, but how do I install openvpn 2.4 ? I searched the site and the help file, and I didn't find a thing. The explanations on the openvpn site are too complex for me. I have eddie 2.16.3 in linux mint 18.3
  3. Hi I have problems with ipv6. About a week ago, I lost patience after a large numbers of trials. I tried to connect again yesterday and I counted about 52 automatic trials without success. I read a few posts and got a few ideas. So I enabled logging, and today I installed the latest version of eddie (2.16.3), and also I disabled ipv6 in settings. But it was not enough, eddie is still checking ipv6 and disconnecting. I dont know what to do, so I am attaching 2 log files. Please help. I use linux mint with the debian 64-bit version of eddie. eddie-logs.zip
  4. Sorry, but I don't see what kind of details you're expecting. Here it is again: I have 2 computers connected to a router. Computer 1 is using a vpn, computer 2 is not. Is computer 1 compromised ? It's a hypothetical question.
  5. I posted my question almost a month ago and nobody replied. Is it because it is unimportant or because the answer is not known ? It seems to me that it is important : if it is apparent that the devices are at the same place, then the vpn does not protect me, and I must shut down the second computer and put the phone in the airplane mode. Can someone clarify this for me, please ?
  6. Google is the great villain, I take that for granted. I have to make decisions. For now, I am gathering informations and that takes time. As for firefox, I have been using it almost from the beginning. But things have changed. I suspect that there is big money behind the funny default settings. Now about duckduckgo. It has been my default search engine for years, but things have changed there too. A few months ago, I started getting pop-ups every time I used it : "Your data shouldn't be for sale", than several more lines, and then "Add duckduckgo to firefox". But it's already there ! I get that many, many times a day. That's spam. Nevertheless, I will regret the parameters that I could adjust to my liking. I don't think that startpage offers that. There is a question I wish to ask. I have 2 computers and a phone, all connected to a router. Suppose I am now using the vpn in one of the computers, so that it has a different ip than the other 2 devices. For an observer in the internet, is it apparent that the three devices are at the same place ?
  7. Thank you for your suggestions. Here are more links : https://www.reddit.com/r/VPN/comments/4u4to6/what_not_to_do_while_on_a_vpn/ https://airvpn.org/topic/9933-browser-configuration-to-be-anonymous/ I already followed an advice about search engines. I chose startpage for my search engine, instead of duckduckgo, which has become spamlike. By the way, I don't agree that firefox is privacy friendly. Many of their default settings are anti-privacy : -telemetry -crash reporter -location service -send technical data -automatically update search engines (replaces your engine by google's) -enable tracking protection -webrtc -many more settings via about:config in the https://www.privacytools.io/ mentioned by jean-claud, and in the airvpn thread mentioned above. And by drastically changing their options pages, they made it very difficult to follow the advice found in the web. Still, I use it, and also waterfox, not because they are friendly, but because the alternatives are even worse. I am hoping for something new. I would also like to mention difficulties with mail sites. In May, I opened an account at www.mail.com . I could never log-in again. I think it's because I didn't give them my phone number. A month later, I opened an account at mail.yandex.com . This time, the problem was clearly with my phone number. I had to give it to them in order to get to my account, even though there was nothing wrong with my password. So now, they know one more thing about me for cross-referencing purposes. I have decided to clear my cookies and cache before and after my sessions with the vpn, following nick75's advice. I also applied most of the tweaks above. I don't know if my name and gmail will show up again. But something worries me : according to panopticlick (panopticlick.eff.org) : -Does your browser unblock 3rd parties that promise to honor Do Not Track ? --> No -Does your browser protect from fingerprinting ? --> No, your browser has a unique fingerprint. PS : I installed linux in my htpc a couple of months ago, but things are not going as they should. So I am still stuck with windows.
  8. I don't remember the site, I was browsing the web. I wasn't logged in to any site, social or other. Some time ago (1 or 2 weeks), I logged to my gmail account while I was using the vpn. I thought it was a mistake. Was it ? Is it really necessary to clear the cookies and cache ? Is there a page or a post detailing the precautions to be used when in vpn ? Thank you
  9. That's not what I mean. I wasn't logged in to the website and I believe I had never been there at all.
  10. My name and email show in web pages. Is that normal ? Connects and activates lock at startup, does not start with windows.
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