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    stracciatella reacted to rain2reign in Privacy concerns about the AirVPN service   ...
    First off, Welcome!
    All VPN service providers have some degree of knowledge as concerning to you IP. Any provider telling you otherwise is either withholding the truth, to lazy to quote their privacy- or terms of use clause or flat out lying. Without it the VPN servers would not know where to connect for instance.
    That being said as it's stated on the Airvpn homepage "No monitoring nor logging of your online activities".  I don't know much about the question "Do the servers used by AirVPN only work in RAM?", but it also works over routers, not just limited to the Eddie client. If that is what you're asking.
    If you don't log and monitor at all, then there is nothing to give and that includes IP addresses as far as my knowledge and understanding goes.
    These are, but a few quotes. I recommend you to read through them to see whether or not it's agreeable to you. They're quite short a read as opposed too (compared too) ToS and Privacy documents i've read from other VPN providers. Hell, it's actually the shortest i've read so far.
    Also, the search function showed me this topic (https://airvpn.org/topic/15396-does-airvpn-log-its-users-ip-addresses/) that was asked about a similar question.
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    stracciatella reacted to Clodo in ProtonVPN (from Protonmail)   ...
    It's easier with the new version of Eddie (available now as Experimental).

    Note: only in Windows and Linux edition. macOS will be available soon.
    Note that AirVPN account or subscription is not required: AirVPN can even be totally removed as VPN provider.
    Remember: The features 'Check Tunnel' and 'Check DNS' are AirVPN servers specific, so they will not be performed on other .ovpn files.
    The full conversion of Eddie to a generic OpenVPN wrapper is still under development, currently it's an hybrid (for example Settings contains AirVPN specific options that will be moved in the future).
    In any case, collecting feedback about how Eddie works with .ovpn of other VPN providers will be interesting. Maybe a dedicated forum.
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    stracciatella reacted to stracciatella in Privacy concerns about the AirVPN service   ...
    Hello, I have been referred by a friend who recommended this service, and I have some doubts.

    Does AirVPN store the IP address of the person connecting to the server ?, if so ... for how long?

    Do you have access to identifiable user data such as IP address?

    Do the servers used by AirVPN only work in RAM?

    At the request of a government / police force / intelligence agency will you release my IP address or any other information that can identify me?

    Thank you very much for your kindness.

    I send you a big hug.
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