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  1. Hello, I tried the suggested fix last night and I can happily say that it works as expected, OneNote, Word, Windows Store now all work properly! It was a very easy fix and I have spent too much time trying to solve it. However I never noticed that the gateway was empty, I saw it but thought since its a TAP adapter it is how it should be...it seems I was wrong. This should be sticky somewhere. I can't thank you enough! As a development suggestion I would say it would be a nice addition to Eddie to auto populate the gateway of the TAP adapter with the gateway of your normal ethernet adapter if its empty. And probably have an app setting to let users override or disable that functionality. That way it will be auto resolved for most users with no technical knowledge. Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone, I've been struggling for some time now to make Microsoft OneNote (2016 or win 10) and Word login to my account successfully through AirVPN. So far no luck, the only way I managed it to work is by changing the DNS server which I do NOT want to do that for security reasons. Has anyone found a better solution? Thank you very much!
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