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  1. Good catch. I set it to blocked too. Thanks.
  2. Figured so but doesn't hurt to check with the experts. I looked at the email header, it seemed real, at least there weren't the usual many mispelled words so many scam emails have, but who knows. The network lock is always on unless I'm disconnecting Eddie and shutting it down to reboot the PC. Looking at the Network Lock settings - I unchecked all four of the "allow" checkbox options, they were all on. Mode = Automatic, Incoming = Block, Outgoing = Alllow. Also removed all IPs allowed for incoming and all IPs allowed for outgoing. Would any of those be problematic? You're referring to the firewall in my OS? I don't recall messing with any firewall settings. Is there a listing of what the default firewall settings are that I can check against? If not I can always search the forum for firewall threads. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Not good when I'm using a vpn and I get emails from my ISP saying my IP was flagged as pulling down copyrighted material. What's the point of AirVPN? Is there a setting I've missed? Was connected to a server, network lock was on. Anyone have any advice? How to tell if the email was actually from my ISP? (Copyright on it was 2019, seems to me a major supplier would have updated it to 2020...). Best part is that the supposed file being torrented I already have access via an online account so it wasn't "stealing" in the first place...
  4. I'm blacklisted too. Did some searching, pretty common thing with the Debian Wiki. Seems they haven't addressed emails to them asking why they blacklist vpns. My work around is a pain - ultravnc to a computer in the home that's not on the VPN and then get info from the wiki. In some cases I print to a pdf, transfer that file to the vpn PC and then open it when trying to troubleshoot something in Debian. Not an AirVPN issue and I've been very happy with the service I receive, thanks.
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