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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to Staff in AirVPN 7th birthday celebrations   ...

    Today we're starting AirVPN seventh birthday celebrations!
    From a two servers service located in one single tiny country providing a handful of Mbit/s, the baby has grown up to a wide infrastructure in 18 countries in three continents, providing now 197000 Mbit/s to tens of thousands people around the world.
    2017 is an important year, not only because not all VPN services have flourished or even survived for seven years, but also because 2017 is the year we planned to enhance the growing child with full IPv6 support as well as tls-crypt obfuscation. Software related development will be powered up, with some very exciting news you will get in the next months.
    If you're curious to know something about a series of fortunate events which gave birth to AirVPN, have a look here:

    To worthily celebrate Air's seventh birthday, we're glad to inform you that starting from now we will offer a 25% discount on all plans. Hurry up, celebrations as well as this special offer will end on June the 6th, 23:59:59 UTC!

    Kind regards and datalove
    AirVPN Staff
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to zhang888 in Lifetime subscritption for 29$   ...
    Consider it as a marketing trick.
    Probably the "lifetime" of those services will be shorter than what you expect.
    Real VPN companies with actual servers without overselling will never do this, since then you cannot scale your infrastructure to have a minimum bandwidth commitment, at least as one example.
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to number2 in What countries do you want to see added in 2017?   ...
    Why not Estonia? The country often appears at the top of the list in internet freedoms, has excellent IT infrastructure and is relatively cheap. Plus it can easily serve users in the nordic countries, baltics and Russia.
    I'd get rid of the Latvia servers and move them to Estonia.
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    WaNNaBEAnoNymoUs reacted to greenclaydog in What countries do you want to see added in 2017?   ...
    Sometimes i have good performance with Latvian servers but quite a few times i do not. The 100mbit line clogging up really makes speeds and quality inconsistent for constant use. If we could get a 1gigabit line in Estonia and there are no legal implications for Air, i would be for adding servers there. 
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