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Autostart / autoconnect + launch utorrent solution nearly there... but

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Firstly I'd like to complement you on an excellent network - when I'm running things manually I couldn't hope for more but the problem I'm running into (and yes, I've had a good look round the forums for a solution but I'm only seeing parts) occurs when I try to automate it all.


I'm running a system that has an occasional tendency to restart itself every now and then (most likely due to overclocking) and more often than not it does so when I'm not around. I'm trying to get it set up so that when it restarts it logs itself in, connects the VPN and then launches utorrent. My understanding from what I've read on here is that the AirVPN client can only be automated to the point where the program runs at login but cannot be set to automatically connect to a preferred server(s) [please tell me this will be added to a future version].


I'm running Win 7 Home Pro X64 with an intel core i7 960 processor.


Having read the faqs/forum posts and guides I have nearly managed to get it working by doing the following:


- Modified windows logon to log me in automatically (Start, Run and enter control userpasswords2)

- Created a link to a single server using the config generator and copied the .ovpn file to the OpenVPN config directory

- Configured the OpenVPN service to start automatically in Computer Management

- Used task scheduler in the same way as you described here https://airvpn.org/windows_autostart/ to run utorrent automatically after a log in trigger - but set a 10 minute delay on the action to give the VPN time to connect



When it works, it works perfectly - but if for some reason the OpenVPN service fails to start (I've seen the service running but the client area of your site said I wasn't connected as I was already logged in to that server) there's no failsafe in place to prevent utorrent starting up and using an unsecured connection.


How can I make the OpenVPN service keep retrying until it gets a successful connection and is there anyway I can implement a failsafe to prevent utorrent running on the offchance that it doesn't?



(Or am I just being thick and is there in face a simpler solution) =)


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dude, you might be making things more complicated as I do

Since you are on windows look into program called AutoIt. (autoit directly hits keystrokes, mouse moves, and can kiprocess open so you dont need too) you need to make a script or 2 in AutoIt as such. sorry I'm sloppy but this is the sum of it


Script 1  = "auto reconnect & kill utorrent process script.exe"


killprocess utorrent

run openvpn-connection



Script 2  = "check ip or reconnect & start utorrent"


if publicip = "home" then

run "Script1.exe"

elseif publicip = "airvpn" then

run "utorrent.exe"



hardache aside, I sugest looking into making your firewall force all traffic through the vpn. That way you dont need to keep reconnecting when you boot up. or learn basic scripting. VPN-Firewall can block DNS leaks, and it will be 100% connected. If it looses VPN connection all the internet traffic gets dropped.  I've been connected for months at a time still goin great!!

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