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I haven't been there as long as some of us but I haven't looked back since. I just bought another 3 years.

Personally, I think that if you are a minimum tech orientated and don't care about an app that shows you your tunnel on a map, AirVPN is the best. There are quite a few CAPTCHA problems and a few site that refuse traffic from their server but or I hop to the next or I just put a route to not go through the VPN.

Thanks AirVPN!

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best of luck and long time ahead.
P.S. The captcha problem is absolutely everywhere where we are talking about shared IP addresses between more parties ... it's inevitable. The exit IP addresses of AirVPN VPN servers are shared between all users of course. This brings the captcha disadvantage but comes with the advantage that you are not exiting with a dedicated IP address that can fingerprint you / identify you more easily as 'unique' or as a 'pseudonymous user'. Always better to mix in with the crowd, and just solve the damn captcha. Some tradeoff in terms of UX for better anonymization.

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@ss11 you are absolutely right, the comment about CAPTCHA was useless, I expect all VPN providers experience the problem. I didn't mean it as finger pointing, just a fact of going through a VPN for all my traffic. Some site will block me, others will want me to prove I'm not a robot. I'd rather have those little pains than no VPN.

Anyway, signing up for another three years should show I value the service ;)

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1 hour ago, ss11 said:

The captcha problem is absolutely everywhere where we are talking about shared IP addresses between more parties ... it's inevitable

I actually wonder about whether this can be said about all VPN providers. I was thinking about involving the "dark side" of VPNs in this: The ones who log, to which no one ever looks at just because they're not no-log. Whether they deal with the same problems as AirVPN, what their infrastructure looks like, their OpenVPN/Wireguard settings, etcetc. Maybe there are lessons to learn from those in regards to CAPTCHA, geounblocking and Sucuri…? :)


LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN « Plenty of stuff for advanced users, too!

Want to contact me directly? All relevant methods are on my About me page.

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