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Not sure how this is nonprofit, but I skimmed through the site.
This was funny to read: 

What guarantee is there that the account won't get banned? How exactly do you change digital fingerprint?
No one can give you a 100% guarantee, but we actively use our browser for various purposes and can confirm the highest degree of anonymity.
On a quick skim through the other resources displayed (particularly the vpn section), the services are lying at face value and outright misleading at best.

Tor is a far better alternative, or if you need the fingerprint protections but not the networking, Mullvad Browser is also an option. 

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No way it's nonprofit if they're offering an affiliate program. https://whoer.net/affiliate
"Pass any checks on platforms like pixelscan, amiunique, creepjs using a unique fingerprint for each profile." What exactly constitutes passing these tests? The more unique the fingerprint, the more identifiable you are online, which is the reason why Tor and Mullvad browsers recommend leaving all settings on default out of the box. "Anonymity" can be pseudo-achieved in large groups of users leveraging the same browser with identical settings.
Firefox can be hardened for privacy and anonymity, and it offers multiple profile capability for free. No browser, not even Tor, will completely eliminate digital fingerprinting.
For 29 euros (or more) a month, I'd better be completely invisible.  Since that goal is totally impossible, whoer is selling snake oil. Of course they can't 100% guarantee anonymity, but they'll gladly accept money from anyone foolish enough to trust them.

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