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Server for The Philippines

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I am inquiring as to any possibility AirVpn would offer a server in the Philippines.

As a long time user, it's becoming impossible to visit  web sites both private and public, that are Philippine based. Many  government web sites here are also blocking non-Philippine IP address.

This is due to a recent penchant this country has for geo-blocking.
It's as though they just discovered geo-blocking and now are implementing it needlessly with overkill.  Web sites that have no legitimate reason to  geo-block, are blocking any IP addresses, not in the Philippines.

For example; We are a tenant of a mall in the Philippines. We need to visit the tenant portal to download our monthly rental bill, upload, various informational forms etc. I have to turn off Eddie and expose my home IP address which I don't want to do.
Local Government offices like the Land Transport agency to renew driver's licenses, making an appointments to renew documents, Immigration web sites and more also block non-Philippine IP addresses.

It's as though they just discovered geo-blocking and now are doing it everywhere for the fun of it. This is making it  hard to use a VPN unless the server has a Philippine IP Address.

I want to put this out here in hope that you may some day soon have a least one server here. This country has a population of 130 million. Internet activity has grown exponentially here over the last 5 years.

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I would like to second the OPs request for an AirVPN Philippine server. This would help me make an easier decision when renewing my AirVPN subscription. Thanks!

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Just want to support this request also!
They're a good reasons to set a VPN to the Philippines such as variable pricing services.

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