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Cannot connect to https://domain.com:2222 with vpn

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Hi,   This problem is confusing, I Dont know how to diagnose this. 

I have a https://domain.com:2222 and https://domain.com:3333  forwarded to internal SSL port ( 2222 and 3333 ) with A name on one of the Latvia Exit IP address.
Same with ssh ports access ( domain.com:2223 )  ( domain.com:3334 )

I Cannot connect to these with my Latvia exit IP. ( Another netherland exit point also does not work ). SSH access also does not work. 

I CAN Connect without my VPN .  And I used to connect before today with my vpn on

This issue is going for  few hours. 

PLEASE advice

Devices show connected under my client sessions, and fail2ban-client shows nothing banned

Edit  I got to work, if I use another IP exit point.  But why not same IP address?

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Air port forwarding to your device connected to server X should work from a client on any server except X.  There are technical reasons why forwarding from X to X is not feasible.

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It worked before and today itself

I did ssh from one device to another device via LAN ip  itself (  ``` ssh username@10.xx.xx.xx.xx ```)

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IS  there away I can allow to a connection between 2 devices (they are on same LAN) and both connected to same exit IP? 

What about a third one, not on same LAN...? 

Any advice on this? 

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