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ipv6 shows up on VPN as browser default, mediapeerconnection reset

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This is an informational post

I thought I had problems but the VPN is inserting IPV6 stuff which ipleak is reporting as default,


(1)   Firstly I Seemed to be unable to permanently disable IPV6  Firefox 95.0.2  64 bit (windoze 8.1/64bit)  I hit network.dns.disableIPv6 false and true (required value)  same result
in ipleak "browser default ipv6" not  IPv4 use showing each time! Closed cleared history and restarted browser after each change

However, I soon discovered that my VPN (identitycloaker.com) is reporting my browser as default IPV6, not IPV4 shown, a IPV6 address is shown, I did this by switching off the VPN and this is shown in the Pics The browser is now correctly reported and no IPV6 is shown.

(1)   Network card properties only IPV4 is on!


(2)   I noticed but cannot prove that media.peerconnection status was changed behind my back and that resulted in my ISP DNS showing up

(3)   I do use   and (google DNS) which for me is singapore

I don’t want my mediapeerconnection restored to using an ISP intercepting capable dns without my knowledge maybe during an update??, 

(4)   I've now switched off auto update and I’m watching more closely when I start
a session.

Thanks for ipleak.net its a "MUST HAVE" 





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addimg images I forgot

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I think you partly misinterpreted the exact effect of network.dns.disableIPv6. It's not there to disable v6 in the browser, it's a switch introduced to mitigate some DNS query problems with system DNS or DNS servers, largely relevant for when v6 support was not widespread in operating systems yet.
The setting itself disables explicitly requesting AAAA records from a DNS server if there is v6 support in the OS (no effect if v6 is not supported in the first place). If the DNS server was misconfigured or buggy and for some reason returned A records instead of the requested AAAA, you'd set this to true, otherwise there'd be long waiting periods for DNS resolution. Especially funky on macOS, apparently: In the old days, the system would try resolving AAAA despite having no v6 support, so this one helped a great deal.

Preventing the browser from querying for AAAA can be considered something of a v6 avoidance, of course, but it does not prevent connections to v6 addresses. If you want a thorough v6 disable, do it on system level instead. This way, all applications are forced into v4. But I'd recommend against disabling v6 anywhere if your ISP supports it because there is no objective reason to do so. AirVPN supports it, too, and NATs it like v4.

11 hours ago, wailingwall said:

(2)   I noticed but cannot prove that media.peerconnection status was changed behind my back and that resulted in my ISP DNS showing up

Highly unlikely, unless you installed a plugin doing so at some point, or browsed a website asking you to enable it and you agreed (if the latter is even possible). But I can't imagine it happening automatically.
Maybe it was an update you mentioned.
11 hours ago, wailingwall said:

(3)   I do use   and (google DNS) which for me is singapore

Use if you like privacy.

You look like someone who may be interested in LibreWolf. A bit too extreme for me, though.


LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN « Plenty of stuff for advanced users, too!

Want to contact me directly? All relevant methods are on my About me page.

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