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SMTP service recommendation?

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I was wondering if anyone can recommend an smtp service.

Here's the thing - I've got a custom domain hosted by one of the big shared hosting companies.  There's no issue with receiving emails but sending was spotty - sometimes they didn't reach the recipient. I then rolled up my sleeves and sorted out the spf, dkim and dmarc records. And everything was fine - for a while. Now the hosting company seems to keep changing their spf servers and my email deliverability is again spotty.

So I thought I would ask if anyone knew of a reliable and inexpensive smtp service. I know I could use Zoho Mail, for example, but it seems a bit overkill because I just want to use the smtp service. My volume is tiny - around a dozen emails a day. But I want to ensure that deliverability isn't an issue.

Any ideas?


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Maybe mailjet.com is something for you. The free service includes 200 emails per day and 6000 emails per month.
Do not use it myself, but heard some good stuff about them.

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Is mailbox.org a viable candidate? You can use your own domain with them.
In general, any SMTP server goes, be it GMail, Posteo, Tutanota, whatever. If you're okay with the mail address being shown as sender on the receiver's end, that is.
You can additionally include a Reply-To header pointing at your domain mail address so that anyone clicking on the Reply button will send response mails back to your domain mail address. Some spam software will rate this approach slightly higher, though. Matter of preference.


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