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Hello, my friends.

I have a problem. I need to create a split tunnel with AIRVPN. That is, I can have the option to make the VPN work only with the applications I want.
I am interested in the VPN to use it with P2P programs, but I don't want it to be active with my usual browsers.

As a result of entering the EBAY website with VPN, my account has been deleted, and I'm afraid it could happen to me with more websites...
That is why I would like AIRVPN to work only with EMULE and UTORRENT.

I don't know if my VPN has the possibility to make a split tunnel, so I ask you all for help so that you can guide me in this regard.
Thank you in advance for your attention to my message.

Best regards.
Yours sincerely:

Hola, amigos.

Tengo un problema. Necesito crear un tunel dividido con AIRVPN. Es decir, que pueda tener la opción de hacer trabajar la VPN sólo con las aplicaciones que yo desee.
A mí me interesa la VPN para utilizarla con programas P2P, pero no quiero que esté activa con mis navegadores habituales.

A consecuencia de entrar en la página web de EBAY con VPN, me han eliminado la cuenta, y temo que me pueda ocurrir con más páginas web...
Es por ello que me interesaría que AIRVPN sólo me funcionara con EMULE y UTORRENT.

Desconozco si mi VPN tiene la posibilidad de hacer tunel dividido, por lo que os pido ayuda a todos para que me podáis orientar al respecto.
De antemano os doy las gracias por la atención de mi mensaje.

Recibid un cordial saludo.

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4 hours ago, Gravelinas-XXV said:

I am interested in the VPN to use it with P2P programs, but I don't want it to be active with my usual browsers.


» I am not an AirVPN team member. All opinions are my own and are not official. Refer to Staff postings for the official word.

» These are the community forums, not the support portal. You're writing with other users here.

» New here? LZ1's New User Guide to AirVPN. Use the search function, Luke!

» Tor exits behind a VPN connection are discouraged. Using Tor on the other hand is not.


» Privacy is like alcohol: Drink a little and it can help you stay unnoticed. Drink a lot and everyone will notice you.

» I cannot give you the solution to all your issues. But I can guide you to it. The rest is up to you.

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