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Sandy K

ANSWERED New user issue with mail client

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I've recently commenced using Air, no problems with connections but have a problem with my mail client (Mail) on my Mac. While connected to eddie I can't send emails out yet I get them in ok. I have to disconnect from eddie, send my emails then reconnect. I'm sure there is something I need to do in the config of my email accounts but not sure what? Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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Are you using GMail by any chance? GMail is the most prominent example of a provider blocking sending mail from IP addresses which are more or less known to be anonymizers. But in case of Google this could also be sudden changes of the IP address origin, e.g, one moment you were sending mail from Germany, and in the next a SMTP login is attempted from UK, which makes sense if you just connected to Nashira in UK or something. This would be identified as a possible attempt at sending spam and more or less rightfully blocked.
People like to demonize this behavior because it's forced on everyone and I do sympathize with it. But you never hear of prevented cases because that's what they are – prevented cases, no damage.

It could also be that your provider is simply blocking known anonymizers. Wouldn't be the first case, and again I understand this approach, even if I don't fully agree with it. In this case your option is to use another provider to at least send mail.

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Thanks Opensourcerer,
It is obviously my ISP blocking anonymises as you say. I changed by outgoing mail account and server to iCloud and it works ok.

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