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AirVPN Port Forward using QNAP QuFirewall

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Hi folks... I recently suffered a bruteforce attack on my NAS (QNAP); it didn't work as I have a "secure" password and 2FA enabled and I've changed a few settings to stop more basic attacks but also installed the QNAP Firewall (QuFirewall) but this seems to be blocking the Port Forwarding I have set up and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I am just using the Basic profile which "Allows" all Service Ports and Protocols on the AirVPN profile (gb.vpn.airdns.org). There is a geo-location "Allow" filter for United Kingdom so guess it might be this... When I disable the firewall Ports are forwarded as expected.

Just wondering if anyone is using the QuFirewall with AirVPN OpenVPN on QNAP with any success? 

Thanks in advance!

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I am not using AiRVPN but I am using OpenVPN with QVPN and VPN connections to the QNAP are immediately blocked as soon as the installation of QuFirewall is completed. QuFirewall can be deactivated but it still blocks the VPN connection.!! It's the installation of QFirewall that is the issue and it has been said that it was still in Beta before the Qlocker ransomware attack and it looks like the app has been rushed out but with a few bugs.

Without Qufirewall enabled, OpenVPN through VPN and I can connect to everything including the Qnap.

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