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Connecting to the same server from the same router

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I connected to the same server with two devices that are connected to the same router (the router does NAT). I noticed that one device disconnected the other, and as the other was trying to connect again it would disconnect the first one. So basically the two devices were connecting and disconnecting non stop.

I am wondering why this is happening. Is it because 1. AirVPN does not allow for to devices from the same account connecting to the same server, or 2. since the router has one IP in the internet and it is NAT'ing the two devices, the AirVPN server can not differentiate between the two devices (since it sees only the router internet IP), so from the AirVPN server PoV it looks like the same device is trying to connect again so it drops the previous connection. 3. Something else?

I am assuming it is 2) but I would welcome confirmation.

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