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There is an awful lack of technical information about all devices from this company.

  • The OS is AtomOS and I think I landed a direct hit finding a website describing Deeper's features quite neatly. I think this is the actual power house of all their devices. A web filter is mentioned, there's WWAN and VPN functionality for example. Could be it.
  • What's the exact CPU (Intel 4 cores is… unsatisfying)? A device like that could hint at some SoC platform instead, so probably one Intel would put into their NUC computers. Maybe someone could do some digging in Intel boards and find out which one it is exactly, with the dimensions mentioned, 4 cores and 2G of RAM. This will lead to more info on all hardware things.
    And on the same time the website https://deeper.network talks about their own SoC running AtomOS. Huh?
  • Is it really a 7 layer firewall mentioned in the vid and on deeper.network which would be a massive, unimaginable overkill to my ears, or a layer 7 = application layer firewall mentioned on the website above and Reddit? If so, who writes the rules? How are they updated?
  • Oh no, they mentioned Blockchain. This is more and more turning to be a buzzword without much behind it. Where is this used, and how? Is that chain viewable?
  • Bandwidth sharing and decentralized network sounds like a Tor technology, so it shares all its negatives. The biggest problem I have with Tor and therefore this is a simple one: If someone downloads child porn and you're the current exit of that someone's circuit, your life might turn into stress and you could literally lose your freedom along the way.
    On Reddit the developers themselves write that you're safe if you can proof the usage came from the Deeper port or something, kind of confirming this is in fact a problem and that you get absolutely burned if someone did consume CP en masse over your very own ISP IP. All the best luck in convincing anyone that it wasn't you with that port argument. :)
  • There's actually a currency you can "mine" by providing bandwidth for the network. But for what? Oh, right, "dApps", which are apps running on the network. Wait, I can't host my own crap just like that and I actually must contribute my bandwidth to be able to do that?
  • And to be part of that, you need to… pay monthly fees? Did I read it right on here? And you register with your mobile phone number? What is this new devilry?
There are certainly more questions, but it gets too time-intensive looking up all answers.

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