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ANSWERED [SOLVED] Unable to connect to AirVPN after pfsense 2.5 update

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I recently upgraded to pfsense 2.5 and I am not able to connect to Airvpn

Previously on 2.4.5 p1 and versions previous worked fine up unitil 2.5

I used this tutorial to configure my firewall rules and NAT

I did change my ovpn config to exclude the newly deprecated config settings.
I did a fresh install of 2.5 and I am able to access the internet before I applied my old config backup so perhaps theres something wrong with my firewall rules or NAT settings I need to change?

EDIT : I FIXED IT. I had to go to System > Routing > Default Gateway and change it from default to  WAN_DHCP.  I am unsure if this is because of the update or what but it was not an issue on 2.4.5

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Did someone do a direct upgrade of the pfSense box from 2.4.5 to 2.5?

SZ0 made a new install. I'd like to make an upgrade without a complete reinstall. Any experience, someone?

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