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I am having difficulties getting your internal DNS servers to respond to my queries.  I have gone through the same exact settings from an older router running pfSense 2.4.5 to my new router also running the same version of pfSense.

I am using a TCP entry point 3 with TLS encryption on port 443.  I have defined the following DNS servers on my router:

If I remove the last two, I cannot get anywhere on the internet.  When I do a DNS Lookup in the router, neither or respond.

I have confirmed that I am connected to the VPN, so I am at a loss as to why the DNS servers aren't working.  Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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there are multiple ways of doing this with Pfsense, but I don't know your entire setup.

1.  read this https://www.techhelpguides.com/2017/06/12/ultimate-pfsense-openvpn-guide/  the part that says 


2.   in pfsense under service > dhcp server > if you have assigned static mappings of your devices, you can edit the mapping and under DNS servers add OR the default gateway that is assigned through the tunnel.    run IFCONFIG to FIND and add that address 
3.  to the above.    I run TCP and get full speeds with my fiber connection through the same exit point as the OP>.  again I get full speeds      if you know how to setup Pfsense and you have a good server... that is all you need 

(I am running in DNS Resolver mode). so adding additional IP addresses under the general tab do absolutely nothing 

good luck OP 

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