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Eddie UI split tunneling

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I must say I quite like this Eddie UI client. Especially it's being GPL-licensed and having the ability to add custom directives to OpenVPN.

I have one problem with it. I would like to set up AirVPN so that my Internet would go through normal gateway and only use AirVPN to connect to my home computer.
There are 2 reasons for that.
Although AirVPN works very well with Youtube, the problem is that on every new IP google wants me to confirm "new device". Since the account was set up on a "burner phone", I cannot do it; I have to use trickery to convince Google to "let me in".
Also I don't want to raise suspicions of network admins that too much traffic goes from some random IP.

I have read somewhere that directive "pull-filter ignore redirect-gateway" should disable defaulting gateway to VPN's IP, and then adding "route A.B.C.D" directive should add route to my home IP.
Directive of adding custom route works, but directive to ignore redirect-gateway apparently does not. After connecting to AirVPN, both routes which take over default gateway are present:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric
(...)      3
Am I doing something wrong or this is not correct directive?

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If this is Windows see this:


"The script works because of the way Windows handles source address routing. If the program is bound to a source IP address, that IP address is used as the source IP address for connections sourced from that socket and the adapter associated with that source IP is used as the source interface. The route table is searched but only for routes that can be reached from that source interface. When OpenVPN starts, it will attempt to override the default gateway by adding routing table entries that will mask the original default gateway. VPN_gateway_hide.bat adds routing table entries that mask the entries added by OpenVPN. So the default gateway remains in effect. When a program is bound to the VPN IP address, the routing table entries added by VPN_gateway_hide.bat will be ignored, and the VPN will be used. The routing table entries added by VPN_gateway_hide.bat are temporary, and will be gone after a Windows restart. "

You will need to turn off "network lock" in Eddie. Disable AirVPN DNS in Eddie too maybe.

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I kind of realized that I'll have to disable DNS Lock; I manually removed those routes and immediately had problems resolving names.
Will look into your solution... :)

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