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ANSWERED Changing Firefox prefs.js file anonymize browser

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I have visited an ArchLinux website which shows how to 'harden' firefox web browser so it doesn't leak information which can identify you.
The site is quite eye-opening as it shows all the different ways you can be identified while using Firefox.
And firefox is supposed to be a really secure web browser!
This is the link (archlinux/firefox/privacy) which I hope all firefox users who are on airvpn will take the time to look up.

Anyway I've made most of the changes to anonymize me when using firefox.
My problem is when I got to the Sanitized profiles section.
I am aware I need to make changes to a copied version of 'prefs.js' - but which lines are the incriminating ones which show my personal ID?

The page provides a link to a 'fingerprinting'  website (like ipleak.net) which shows that the firefox browser reveals metadata which can identify me by 99.5%.
It allocates a unique ID number to my browser which was the same when I moved from one airvpn server to another.
The link to the site is (fingerprintjs/demo).

Has anyone made a successful change to the prefs.js file? In which case what are the lines that need to be altered?
For Linux users the file is in: ~/.mozilla/firefox/ZZZZZZ1.default-esr directory.
Where ZZZZZZ1 should be replaced with the number generated for your own firefox browser.

In case anyone chooses to follow the archlinux recommendations, on the Disable/Enforce Trusted Recursive Resolver section, I changed 'network.trr.mode' to 3 in 'about:config' but this stopped the browser from accessing sites. 
So as per the recommendation I changed it to '2' - and the browser worked fine.

Does anyone know more about modifying the prefs.js file on firefox browser?
It's startling how many ways a user can be identified despite using a vpn. But at least the archlinux site shows what actions we can take to further anonymize ourselves.
Thank you all for reading.


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