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Asus-Wrt Merlin Slow Upload Issue

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I am running into issues with RT-AC86U and Asus-Wrt Merlin.

I am using TCP due to some protocols being blocked by my ISP.

Download speed are fine and works without any issues.

Upload on another hand seems to hang the internet connection from all the devices connected on the VPN through ASUS-WRT.  Upload is very slow and download is quasi non existent whenever for as long the file is being uploaded.

Everything resumes to normal as soon the upload is done.

I have attached a screenshot of the current setup settings.


Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 4.06.44 PM.png

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Are we talking about HTTP upload, as in "upload files to a server", or torrenting? If it's the latter, always restrict upload bandwidth to 75-90% of your uplink and don't configure too many upload slots.

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Thanks Giganerd,

We are talking about HTTP upload, "upload files to a server". 

It starts uploading, then hangs and drops to 0 for a few seconds, then upstream goes up to more or less 1MB/S for a few seconds then back to 0. Constantly until the file is done uploading.

All of the downstream is completely messed up on all of the clients behind the VPN. Can barely load a website when upload is used.

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This is likely bufferbloat, packets start getting dropped, and it's especially bad with TCP.  UDP would work better because packets don't have to arrive in order and no ack is required from the other side.

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