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Today I was reading a posting on M247's site, where they mentioned that in the year 2020, they plan to expand/have expanded into three new locations, one of which being Lisbon, Portugal. AirVPN previously had some servers in Portugal but unfortunately the provider shut down services there and AirVPN has not been able to find a new provider for services in Portugal. M247 is already well regarded in terms of being used for VPN services with performance that is usually quite good, and I have had a dedicated server with them for two years and had good experiences, in addition M247 is already used at multiple other AirVPN locations, and I think they would be a good choice for servers in Portugal for users who would like to have servers there.

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I said it before and will repeat it: please dont make the mistake of only adding new m247 servers. Even when they are multihomed, AS9009 is blocked by many sites as its known to be a vpn network. Keep the AS diversity up!

Btw: Mullvad is running PT using dotsi, so there are alternatives.

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I was about to create a topic about AirVpn servers in Portugal, bur decided to run a search first and this came up. So.. there where servers before, but the provider shut down. I am so interested in having local servers in Portugal, given that i live in North America and i would love to watch TV there live and i can't due to rights. I am very pleased with AIr and i don't feel like subscribing to a different vpn just for this.

Are there any plans to have servers in Portugal in the future again? Can i submit a request on the site somewhere?

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45 minutes ago, ev0ishere said:

I am so interested in having local servers in Portugal, given that i live in North America and i would love to watch TV there live and i can't due to rights.

A rerouting server is enough for that. This way you can connect to whatever server you want and would still be able to watch TV over there. Then it doesn't really matter in which datacenter it's located – after all, we're only watching TV.

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