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What is AirVPN anti geo-blocking routing system?

Normally when a user is connected to a server, for example an US server, his traffic exits from that server.
If, for example, the traffic reaches a Swedish TV that allows only swedish IP addresses, a geolocation based block may occur because the Swedish website sees a US IP address.

Therefore, we maintain rules that perform internally a double-hop for specific websites / IP ranges, and servers used only for this feature.
This basically ensures, in the Swedish example above, that the destination service always sees a connection coming from a Sweden address (one of our routing server), regardless of the country of the VPN server in use.

This feature is provided as a best effort attempt, because some geolocation block can't be bypassed. If a website is not working, please write a post in the dedicated forum.
This feature will work only if a user queries the DNS server of the VPN server itself.
The described behavior occurs by default. You can opt out in DNS section.

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