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Netherland Server slowed down extremly

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I've been using Airvpn for two years now and been using the Netherland servers primarily because of their good connection to my location. The last two years the servers in Alblasserdam were on average like this:
Ping: 15-35, DL Speed 30MB/sec (maximum), UP speed 8MB/sec (maximum)

But for about a month now this slowed to so much that online gaming is impossible with a ping of 100+ and download speeds drop to 1MB/sec.
I attached a screenshot where you can see the current ping of the Netherland servers.

Since the issue is only when using those servers the problem is most likely caused by some recent hardware or connection changes by Airvpn


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A change at the server level (which most likely didn't happen) cannot affect latency from your location.

Also, if Air did something to cripple their Netherlands servers, as you propose, you would not be the only one to notice and complain.

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Well, what is your ping with those servers?
As you can see the other servers have way lower ping. And as I said it was very different for the Netherlands a few months ago.
I neither changed any settings, nor isp, nor hardware.

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but things can change in the route.  it's likely that your ISP lost a route that was used.  maybe it'll come back after some maintenance or maybe they found a cheaper network to use to reach the network that the VPN servers use.

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