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Eddie v2.18x, installing TAP v9.23.3 on Windows 8.1 issue

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Possible issue with v2.18.x on Windows 8.1 regarding TAP drivers;

I moved from v2.17.2 to v2.18.5.  Upon first launch, EDDIE tried to install the new TAP drivers and I got a driver installation failure notice.  I rebooted, and tried to launch again, EDDIE tried to install the TAP drivers again and failed again.

I downloaded the TAP driver installer directly, noticing there are two versions.  One labelled Win10 and one Win7.  I noticed on the OpenVPN site it was stating to use the Win7 driver with Win8.1.  I tried to install the Win10 driver to test, as EDDIE labels Win10/8.1/8 the same.  I got the same error message when installing "tap-windows-9.23.3-I601-Win10" as I do when EDDIE tries to install them.

I then uninstalled the TAP drivers and installed the Win7 version "tap-windows-9.23.3-I601-Win7".  EDDIE now launches and sees the drivers and functions as normal.

Perhaps with the new TAP builds, different versions are now required to be bundled with EDDIE for Win8.1/8

Hope that helps.

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Can you please post this here?

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