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Win 10 TAP V9 Adapter set to 100 Mbit

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I understand that the theoretical limit of OpenVPN using one core is around 300 Mbit, but on Windows using a standard ethernet card I get way less than that, not even 100 Mbit. And I just noticed that the Win TAP V9 Adapter that AirVPN is using is set to 100 Mbit, while my ethernet card is operating at 1Gbps... is that the reason why I cannot get more than 100 Mbit via AirVPN on Win via ethernet card ?

Tests done, all with the exact same machine, same hardware, drivers all latest, same AirVPN version, Win x64 LTSC:
Win 10 - AirVPN via ethernet: 60-80 Mbit
Win 10 - AirVPN via wifi card: 60-170 Mbit
Ubuntu -  AirVPN via ethernet: 150-240 Mbit

As you can see, Win via ethernet is by far the slowest and Win itself only seems to be partially at fault as via wifi it goes up to 170Mbit... is the TAP V9 100 Mbit setting the reason for the slow speed via ethernet card, and if so, how can I change it to 1 Gbps to max out the OpenVPN bandwidth ?


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See this.  You just need to get Eddie running at least openvpn 2.5 to make use of the wintun driver.  Perhaps a beta version of Eddie already has an appropriate openvpn version.

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