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I noticed there are servers that have tls-crypt, tls1.2 with their specs.
Why would I choose a server with or with tls-crypt, tls1.2 over the other?
Is it safer, more secure?

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On 11/30/2019 at 2:28 PM, go558a83nk said:

tls-crypt means that the control channel of openvpn is encrypted from the start.  all servers support this at entry IP 3 or 4.

Ok, thanks!
So in Sesame Street language this means it's more secure, right?
Does this require more horse power on the client and/or server side? So performance would degrade a little?

Why is tls-crypt not the default option if the above is true (more secure)?

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No, it's not more secure for the actual data.  It's more resistant to hostile networks.

It doesn't take appreciably more power to use and performance might be a little better depending on the network used.  They may not throttle it like they might other openvpn connections.

It's not the default because some old devices may not support tls-crypt?  I'm not sure.

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