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Suggestion: Port forwarding only for specific devices

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The port forwarding feature that AirVPN offers is very useful and I have been using it to forward ports that I would only like to forward for my computer's VPN connection, not other devices such as my phone or tablet, and I don't want those ports open for my phone or tablet because it might create a security risk. Since AirVPN already knows which device is connecting because of the device key which you generate for each device, it would be useful to implement a feature where you can forward a port only when a certain device connects to VPN, instead of forwarding it for all of them. Would be nice to also have the DDNS be setup per-device so that only certain devices would get DDNS, instead of how it is now where DDNS won't work at all if multiple devices are connected to the same AirVPN account. Please let me know your thoughts on this, thanks.

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A generally good idea, you're not the first with this.
Though, if you forwarded a port but nothing listens on that port on your mobiles, no one will be able to connect still.

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