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All VPN servers running like complete junk, dialup speeds

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What is going on with the servers today? Especially the US ones. 2mbps on a connection that does 500 without a VPN? It's 100% not my network because it's the same on my phone connected to data. It's taking several seconds even to load low quality jpegs on forums. This always seems to happen after I pay a lot for a year subscription to a VPN...

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No problems here. Which servers are you on? What tests have you performed and what results are you seeing, e.g mtr / traceroute etc. some data might help us help you. 
Typically if the problem is to all servers it’s more than likely something at your end, rather than the globally distributed infra. An ISP or regional routing hardware. 

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Well rather than going with synthetic tests that have nothing to do with real world usage: all of the websites I use are loading extremely slowly, pngs/jpgs from image hosts which load fine on mobile data without a VPN slow to a crawl on my desktop which always has the VPN and on my phone with the VPN on. Websites in general just load slow, like I said, dialup slow.

Tried all of the west coast servers including vancouver, texas servers, miami, they're all doing it. 2-5Mbps if I'm lucky on speed tests and 20+ seconds to load basic web pages.

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Try another country, but I don't think it's the server's fault because literally thousands of clients are working fine. Some clients are even topping the top throughput ranking with US servers.

You could begin with posting your OpenVPN logs here while also giving a bit of information about your ISP, router, how you connect your computer to it, etc. It will help us put ourselves in your shoes, so to speak. :D

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12 hours ago, uniteroast said:

Well rather than going with synthetic tests that have nothing to do with real world usage

A 'mtr' traceroute shouldn't be considered a synthetic test, its a useful debugging tool to help eliminate some potential causes.
What is running the VPN client, a router, your PC/phone? 
Is DNS resolution running with prompt responses?
Without more data I don't see how we can help you resolve this problem. 

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