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Can't Access Local HP printer-funky MAC

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OK, I have two local subnets 192.168.2.x and 192.168.1.x. I have an HP OfficeJet Pro 6830 printer on the 192.168.2.x subnet, the same subnet as my laptop and my other equipment.  When I enable the VPN I cannot access the printer with the HP Device Manager for LInux.  I can ping it, but the app cannot access it.  If I disable the VPN everything works fine.
I have added two local routes to the OpenVPN configuration via Eddie for and directing traffic outside the tunnel for those two subnets.

In the wireshark trace for my wireless adapter (not TUN0), if I am on the VPN my request for port 8080 traffic from Device Manager gets sent to a different mac address than when I am off the VPN.  The DNS names resolved by Wireshark are the same when used as a destination address, but the macs are different.  The first response from printer is really a redirect coming from "_gateway" which is the new mac address used when I am on the VPN.

I know you will need traces but I was hoping this much would trigger something you have seen before with a config entry I have missed. 🙂

P.S.  FWIW I can't browse to the printer either.  The web traffic gets sent to the mac for "_gateway" instead of the printer mac.
P.P.S.  Ok having said all that, it appears the mac address for is getting replace with the mac address for my gateway when the VPN is active... Thoughts.

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Just hypothetically.. do you experience the same problem with vanilla OpenVPN?

Four simple things:
There's a guide to AirVPN. Before you ask questions, take 30 minutes of your time to go through it.

Amazon IPs are not dangerous here. It's the fallback DNS.
Running TOR exits is discouraged. They're subject to restrictions on the internet and harm all AirVPN users.

Furthermore, I propose that your paranoia is to be destroyed. If you overdo privacy, you'll be unique among the mass again.


XMPP: gigan3rd@xmpp.airvpn.org or join our lounge@conference.xmpp.airvpn.org

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