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utopia beta (p2p communication network by 1984 group)

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the beta project seems to have started about 2 months ago and it will end on october 3d
(one month to go!).

it is a p2p network project by 1984 group for decentralized uncensored communication system.
(chat, email, file sharing, websites, and crypto of their own etc.)

you can go to the website (above) and read about it and download a file for the beta testing program (windows/mac/linux) which is free to join for anybody (only 1 account is accepted per person).
i'm not a techie but just downloaded a file and installed and it's easy to follow the instruction to start it.

they say when the beta program ends, everything within it (your account, what you created there etc) will all be gone 
and the system will reset.  so, it is for testing only.

if you are interested in email, it's good to join with your friends as you can send/receive within the p2p network 
(you need to have them in your contact).

there's a chat board for everybody to see where it looks friendly and you can browse/ask about 
things (or you can report bugs/ask for support in your beta account on the regular web.  the staff is very responsive.)

you can earn "reward points" if you are very devoted but i guess for a lot of people who are already busy with 
other stuff (me included) you may just look around and see some bugs (naturally) which you are encouraged to 
report and look for the better future of the internet :)       it's nice to have a taste of it, i think :)


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