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SSL Issue On Web Site

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On several occasions, when browsing the internet through a UK server (UDP) connection, I am unable to browse my personal web site. The browser (Safari and Firefox) report they are unable to establish a secure connection to the web site (https://). http:// works fine, ping fine, etc.

If I disconnect from the VPN and reconnect through a different server it works fine.

Happened again today connected to server (unsure of the name as OpenVPN is using "gb.vpn.airdns.org". I don't know how many web sites are affected as I don't visit that many different sites but it is not all https:// connections - some work fine.

My personal website showing this issue is https://psamathe.net (IP SFTP works fine. I've checked the web server logs and it sees no connect attempts from the VPN server or client IP address so looked to me like the connection attempt is failing before getting to the server.

Many thanks

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Not a one-off glitch. Happened again the other day and again today. Connections are intermittent. The other day and today from server Does not work for a few minutes (no requests getting through to the web server logs), then do nothing and it suddenly works for a bit, then stops again.

Sorry, edit to add more details. It seems to be an issue with Caranie today. It's intermittent, the web browsers can sometimes get the page, works for a few minutes then stops working. Change to a different AirVPN server and it works fine, no issues. When it does not work, no requests are recorded in the web server logs. Hosting provider has checked and the IP is not being blocked (and if it was it would not work for a few minutes then stop working.

Connection to Carinae was initially through the general VPN config OVPN file containing "remote gb.vpn.airdns.org 443". Disconnect and try another through the same config (which then happens to chose a different VPN server) and it works. Disconnect and force back to Carinae (through a Carinae specific OVPN config file) and it stops working.

Makes no difference if its TCP or UDP connection. Other Maidenhead servers look like they are OK (unless they happen to be going through a brief "working"

The SSL certificate used by the domain is several months old (a LetsEncrypt certificate expiring 28 Sept).

Attached browser error reports.

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 11.42.36.png

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 11.42.47.png

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