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Not sure whether you can do anything but I got 2 email addresses with free.fr which got blocked. I strongly believe the reason these email accounts got blocked is because of the use of the VPN. 
On their website, they advise not to use a VPN to access their email servers (imap.free.fr).


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Well, if you log in to your email account with an IP that is not your country, there is a high probability that the account gets blocked, in order to prevent abuse.

They already state on their website to not use a VPN. Honestly, what do you expect?

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Thanks for the help! 
Of course I should have read Ts&Cs of my email provider. I deeply apologise i didnt. 
Now what? 
I used a VPN for more than 10 years, first time this happens. 
And btw, I travel constantly, if connecting to your email server was an issue, a lot of travellers would have issues. Maybe I should avoid travelling? 

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No, you should avoid using VPNs with services known for these security measures, or avoid the services themselves. I know it's less of an option, but anyway, the following topic lists some alternatives:As with free.fr, since the account is yours, you can simply verify that you are the owner and get it unblocked. Next time simply don't connect to AirVPN.
If you're using Android, you can whitelist your email app to not be routed through the VPN, then you may connect without further problems.


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