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PFSense OpenVPN settings from Linux host

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I followed instructions from this video to setup airvpn openvpn settings on my pfsense but am confused if I am thinking about this correctly.  If I setup AirVPN as the client on my pfsense and route my traffic through pfsense, will that allow me not to run openvpn on each client separately?  I went down this road because I just wanted a single gateway to route my traffic through which will spit out as my AirVPN IP on the other end.  I was not able to get the VLANs all set up the way the video shows and maybe this is why my set up is incomplete.  Please help me understand if I am understanding this traffic topology correctly.  Everything is configured for AirVPN and openvpn except for some of the DNS and DHCP settings in the video.

Creating pfSense VM client for AirVPN (first draft, no sound) https://vimeo.com/61070499

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Yes, that's why you run openvpn on pfsense - so that all devices in your local network go through that one tunnel.  Or, you can do policy routing and route some devices to clear internet.

As far as helping you figure out this setup, I'm not much help.  I followed the guide in this forum years ago and have kept that going until now.

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Slight thread necro, I know, but as this keeps coming up over and over, the guide for 2.3 pfSense setup, while still functionial over all, has a few differences as certain features from Air and pfSense have changed. The links below are to an external site, but the guides are spot-on and fairly robust depending on which type of setup you want.

pfSense baseline guide with VPN, Guest and VLAN support - Of course you can omit any features you don't need, like the additional VLAN's.

pfSense multi VPN WAN - A great setup for failover and load balancing. Three simultaneous connections in the event a single server goes down or has extremely high latency. I highly recommend you follow the author's instructions of establishing the best ping times between your servers of choice however. Closest server isn't always the best option.

https://nguvu.org - Is the site above.

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