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Newbie needs help - slow speed

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I'm terrible with computers so bare with me:  What I'd ideally like is to have my torrent client (uTorrent 2.2.1) running only through the VPN, and all other web traffic running outside the VPN.  If that's outside of my abilities (which most computer things are) then I'd settle for just turning it on/off when DLing a torrent from a public tracker. 

Here's what I've tried so far:

Attempt #1:  I tried OpenVPN + AirVPN + Port Forwarding Router and after (trying to) following very confusing "guides" and spending 8+ hours trying to get things working I gave up and used a Restore Point to reset my pc.

Attempt #2:  I tried Eddie + AirVPN and I now can connect, but when connected my torrent DL speed is horrid.  I get less than 10 kB/s DL (almost always less than 2 kB/s!) when using the VPN, and just loading the basic Google search page (or any web browsing) takes over a minute and fails to load at all half the time.  When I disconnect from the VPN (without changing anything else) web surfing is lightening fast again and my torrent DL speeds jump up to 1.8 - 4.2 MB/s (and that's for the same exact torrents that were so slow with the VPN on).

So....  Obviously I have no clue what I'm doing and can use some help.  At this slow speed the VPN is completely useless.  I've tried a few things I found in my searching for answers (tried different Protocol settings, tried lots of different servers, have tried a couple different Forwarded Ports, etc.)  So far I can't get this thing working at a speed that's usable.

Other info that might be helpful:
- I'm pretty dumb so need hand holding (that's why I signed up for my account 5 years ago but am just now trying to get a VPN up and running)
- Windows 7
- Wired internet connection to an Actiontec C1000A router  (all other devices in house connect via wifi and none need to be run through the VPN)
- Speed test says I'm getting (without VPN turned on) 39.3 Mbps DL and 5.0 Mbps UL
- Speed test with VPN turned on times out and I get no results.
- I currently have a port forwarded through AirVPN and have by torrent client connecting to that port (I currently do NOT have any ports forwarded on my router's settings)

Anyone willing to help walk me through what I need to do to get this darn thing running well?  Any other info you need? 

AirVPN Report.txt

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