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[Request] Danish Routing Server

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Having used AirVPN for a couple of years, I'm generally satisfied with the overall service, but I find it kinda annoying that I cannot access certain content on sites like DR (https://www.dr.dk/tv), DPlay, Viafree, etc. while connected to one of AirVPN's servers, or just out of the country. Which is why I would like to request a Danish routing server.
Have a nice weekend! :)

Some old, but similar requests:


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Most of the times a real routing
server is not required and can be
done with Micro routing in Nordic.

Try to post the list of sites you want
to have access to in the blocked
section, actually a real Danish server
could be done or will be available in
the future, but as you see Sweden +
Norway are covered better than the 
amount of snow every winter.

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Some television programs cannot be accessed outside the country. As an example the most watched section ('MEST SETE') currently has 7 out of 12 shows that cannot be accessed outside the country.

TV2 Play
According to this FAQ answer, if you are temporarily in another EU country e.g. on vacation, you still have access to the content for a while, but if you are outside the EU, the content you have access to is limited and access to live content is not possible.

There might be more, but I don't really watch television that frequently, so I don't have a subscription for any streaming services. The only streaming platform I occasionally use is DR TV. It is more of a convenience in my case, so I can run a VPN on a router and connect a Chromecast device to that router without having to tell every person in the household, how to turn the VPN off, if they want to use a specific streaming service. So, for instance one person can watch something on Netflix with access to US content at one point and later another person can watch, without too much hassle, something else on e.g. DR TV.

Have a nice day :)

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