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Not quite true. There's some issue with Sextans, Alkes and Merope, and Aquila returning HTTP 403, but the vast majority can reach it. :)

Four simple things:
There's a guide to AirVPN. Before you ask questions, take 30 minutes of your time to go through it.

Amazon IPs are not dangerous here. It's the fallback DNS.
Running TOR exits is discouraged. They're subject to restrictions on the internet and harm all AirVPN users.

Furthermore, I propose that your paranoia is to be destroyed. If you overdo privacy, you'll be unique among the mass again.


XMPP: gigan3rd@xmpp.airvpn.org or join our lounge@conference.xmpp.airvpn.org

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As a general rule when you use VPN
on crypto exchanges except to get 
blocks or warnings. This might be one
of the true actuals reason for blocks.

Many exchanges get hacked, also
many leaked databases appear online
now and then. This is one of the only
precaution a crypto exchange can do 
to protect an anonymous acccount,
i.e. without a strong password or 2FA,
and I was pushing towards this kind
of policy on many exchanges which
resulted in less nominal fraud, but as 
any security mechanism with less real 
convinience on the other hand.

Adding context:
The bots/users that usually try to
hack crypto exchange accounts are
in the same geo as the real user as 
possible, but using anonymizers.
When most exchanges will make 
2FA as a mandatory step, this bad
but still useful discrimination can
be dismissed. Maybe in the 2020s.

Occasional moderator, sometimes BOFH. Opinions are my own, except when my wife disagrees.

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You've gotta give Binance credit though. They do take security seriously. In order to withdraw crypto, you have to:

(1) Enter a username and password.
(2) Solve a puzzle
(3) Enter a 2FA code
(4) Respond to an email containing a specially crafted confirmation link.

If a hacker can get past all that, that's frigging amazing. Apparently they do though. :(

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