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IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel from ASUS

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My ISP does not support native IPv6. I would like to enable this for all endpoints within my home by creating a VPN tunnel from my router to the AirVPN gateway, then using that IPv6 subnet for devices in my LAN. However, I'm unsure whether my ASUS router can actually take the IPv6 prefix allocated by the AirVPN gateway to then use on the LAN.

I created the router configs via the AirVPN config generator in the following way:
- OpenVPN version >=2.4
- Need IPv6? IPv4 and IPv6 (connect with IPv4)
- Protocol: UDP/443/Entry IP 1
While the options above allow me to successfully connect to the AirVPN gateway, I am unable to see any IPv6 addresses being allocated within my LAN environment. Currently I've tried to enable IPv6 on the ASUS routing using DHCP-PD + stateless autoconfig, but it's not working.

Any suggestions on how to get this working?

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