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DNS problems

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Hello dear people,


I used Airvpn for almost a year now. Never had ANY problems with it. So I wanted to say thank you for that. On the other hand I face some weird error since a few days. I'm leaking dns as hell as I checked it on numerous dns check sites. At first I thought it might me something wrong with Eddie. I use Eddie on my Windows 10 machine. So I quicky bought another VPN to test it and faced the same error.


Error description: I coudn't get any dns for example on ipleak.net and coud only browse a google search. If i wanted to go on youtube or what/ever it woudnt load the site. I still could ping those sites via cmd. What I found from the forum here was to uncheck "Check if the tunnels works" and "Check AirVpn DNS". After that i somehow worked again so I could browse again with VPN on. I went checking my dns on ipleak: still nothing. So i went to another similar site to check my dns and the first entry for my dns was airs dns and every after was my isp dns.

I dont know what happenend, maybe some of you faced the same error and could solve something like that already.


What I have done already:

Deinstall Eddie.

Deinstall Tapdriver.

Update normal network driver

Restart PC

Installed everything again.


Tried another VPN to verifiy where the problem lays.

As I had it on the other VPN too, it must be my system or?

But I didnt change anythign at all and i can handle computer and networking somewhat.


If anyone has read all that text, thank you! : - D


Another Edit: I have set my network interfaces on automatic dns and stuff. I tried to change the metric to 1. I tried under protocol in Eddie TCP Port 443 IP 3. Nothing helped.

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Im not having any address issues but, I just checked at ipleak and yep, the DNS result was 0 servers, 99 problems and says Im leaking DNS.. 

I wonder if this is somehow related to Eddie turning into an almost unusable wreck on MacOS the last couple months?

Ive been on Air a little over a year and its been 110% awesome up until recently, when Im having weird connection errors, and just having trouble connecting to the VPN period (its always hanging at the Checking IPv4 status).

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