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ANSWERED Asus AC86U and OpenVPN over SSL

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Hi everyone,


I'm quite new to the forums and I was wondering if anyone could help with a question I have regarding the asus AC86U router.


When I tested airvpn a few weeks ago (using Eddie on Windows 10), I realised that my ISP is probably throttling speeds for openvpn as I was only getting 60-70 Mbps when using UDP / TCP, but over 180 - 190 Mbps when forcing an SSH connection.


I am thinking of buying the Asus AC86U, but I don't want to end up with an expensive piece of kit that doesn't work with my ISP and I was wondering if anyone knows whether I can configure the router to use SSH rather than UDP / TCP?


Thanks in advance

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I recommend autossh via entware on the 86u running RMerlin firmware.. works brilliantly with speeds reaching 30 to 45Mbps. If these speeds are slow for you, then your next best option is a dedicated pfsense hardware appliance or virtualized instance running on a AES-NI enabled system with at least 2.4GHz (dual core or better) base core speeds for  > 100Mbps tunneled traffic speeds.


Did you try connecting using tls-crypt enabled profiles on port 443 tcp/udp?

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I'm using an ac86u + stunnel and get about 85Mbps, see my post here

using test detailed here: 

I get these results on asus ac86u:
# openvpn --genkey --secret /tmp/secret
# time openvpn --test-crypto --secret /tmp/secret --verb 0 --tun-mtu 20000 --cipher aes-256-cbc
Sat May  4 19:23:26 2019 disabling NCP mode (--ncp-disable) because not in P2MP client or server mode

real    0m 3.20s
user    0m 3.19s
sys     0m 0.00s

3200 / 3.2 = 1000 (Projected Maximum OpenVPN Performance in Mbps)

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