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Excuse the title but I reckon it grabbed your attention.


I've tried a few VPN's now and I can't find one that doesn't kill my Virgin Media download speeds. I have 320mb/s when I have no vpn and the best I can find with a vpn is this one which gives me 74mb/s. 20 years ago I would have killed for 74mb/s but today I'm inpatient when downloading those 4gb files so need some help.


I've had a browse over the forums and looked at the fixes which works for some people but hasn't worked for me.


I've changed to SSH 80 but hasn't worked and my virgin media router has the settings changed as per several posts. Not sure how many virgin copyright infringements your allowed but this would be handy to fix

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I am on the VM 200M package. Speed test through AirVPN MANCHESTER server is 208M. (Yes I know what you are thinking but the 200 package is actually around 210).


That’s using my iPad connected via WiFi to my ASUS AX-RT88U


No complaints from me.


Using MANCHESTER Chow, TLS E3 Port 41185

Asus RT-AC88U [Hardware:A2] Mode: Wireless Router

Firmware by @RMerlin

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Some details on equipment would help.

This is an issue with Virgin some areas may be fine but others bad you are lucky to even get 74mb so many struggle to get half that.

Did you try a bunch of different servers?

what did you use to measure download speeds? because some of those testers are not always correct speedtest.net I found very inconsistent

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